Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Bible - Its 66 Books In Brief by Leslie Grant


These brief outlines of the 66 Books of the Bible first appeared on the pages of the "Lord Is Near" - a daily Scriptural meditation calendar - which is available through many Christian Bookstores or from the publishers of this book (Believers Bookshelf).

Leslie Grant has, in his usual concise and straightforward style, set forth the highlights of each book of the Bible. Individuals, Bible students and teachers alike, will find these outlines to be very helpful in gaining an overall view of the Scriptures It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will use these outlines to stimulate all who read them to a fuller and deeper study of God's Holy word.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.'
Genesis 1:1

Genesis means "beginning." It deals with creation and life, giving the seeds of all that is later developed throughout the entire Bible. Genesis beautifully depicts the simplicity of early life upon earth; but the beginning of sin and corruption is also seen there together with God's abhorrence and judgment of evil. Genesis symbolizes the life giving work of God begun in a soul new birth with promise of fruit to come.

The book specially revolves around the lives of seven outstanding patriarchs:

1. In Adam are seen lessons of life and death. He is the figure of Christ, for he was the head of a race; but a contrast to Christ, for death claimed him, whereas Christ is a Living Head.

2. Enoch teaches us of walk and translation. He walked with God, and "by faith was translated," a type of saints to be raptured at the coming of the Lord.

3. Noah illustrates work and salvation. His work was a work of faith, and his salvation was into a new world, a type of those believers saved through the Tribulation for the millennial earth.

4. Abraham tells us of faith and separation. His altar speaks of the first, his tent of the second. By God's call he became a pilgrim.

5. Isaac shows the principles of submission and continuance, for in general his was an obedient, consistent life.

6. Jacob illustrates discipline and anticipation. God's dealings are seen in his life in securing Jacob's subjection and leading him on to worship as death approached.

7. Joseph: suffering and exaltation is the theme of his life. a precious example for faith in all ages.

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