Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Building a Strong Marriage (Part One)

Psalm 127 and 128 have often been used as a blueprint for raising children for the Lord. These two Psalms are part of the fifth-teen Psalms know as Psalm of Ascent which were sung by the children of Israel as they journeyed up to Jerusalem for the yearly feasts. Both of these Psalms show the importance of the Lord in the home. In Psalm 127 we read of a Satisfied Home and in Psalm 128 we learn of a Sanctified home.

Together these two Psalms give an overview of life together in the home. In Psalm 127:1-2 we see how a home must begin, the foundation for the family and the establishment of the home. Then in 127:3-5 we learn of the building of the home on that firm foundation during the child bearing. This is of course is followed by the child raising years in Psalm 128:1-4, which ought to be the blessing in the home as the fear of the Lord is displayed. Lastly we see in Psalm 128:5-6 real beauty in the home, forging ahead in what we often hear described as the empty nest period of life! So these two Psalms cover the whole spectrum of married and family life. There is much to learn in these Psalms as we dig into them so we will take some time to learn home to build a strong Marriage and a strong family that honors the Lord.

The Beginning of the Home- The Marriage

A satisfying home depends on a satisfying marriage, which depends on God’s blessings! But God cannot bless a marriage or a home that is not built on Him. Just like with anything that is built to last there must be a good foundation! But He is not only to be the foundation, He is also the builder! “Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it…” Notice in the first two verses the word vain is used three times. It an empty pursuit to seek to build a home and leave the architect and designer out of the equation! Solomon lays out three principles about seeking the Lord’s blessing in our homes:

1. We must learn the principle of grace found in v2, which is what we have we have by the grace of God. We didn’t deserve the wife or the children that we have. It is all by His abundant grace!

2. We must understand the balance between faith and work. He is not saying that we should not guard and protect our marriages, our families or our homes. We should always be vigilant in all of those areas, but if we do not depend on the Lord all our own efforts will be in vain! This is why prayer must be the cement that holds our marriages together, that seals and protects our children and binds our homes together!

3. We must also learn the principle of balance between career and the home. As men we can get so busy and pre-occupied trying to be good providers for our wives and families that we lose sight of our wives and our families. 
Tim Hadley Sr.

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