Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Raising the White Flag of Surrender

I recently heard a message by Adrian Rogers on Romans 14. He was speaking on the Lordship of Christ in the life of a Believer! He made the statement that really stood out to me; he said that the word commitment is really not a biblical word but was adopted into Christian circles back in the 1960's. We often hear preachers asked people to make a commitment to follow Christ, but is this really the first step? Commitment is something I decide to do! I decide how serious that commitment will be and how evasive the commitment will be in my life! The word commit means: promised devotion, to pledge devotion or dedication to somebody or something; to be committed to, to entrust something or somebody to somebody else for protection. But the Bible speaks of surrender, not commitment. When we think of that white flag going up we picture giving give up possession, relinquish possession or control of something! Surrender is unconditional submission, abandonment of legal rights, an act of willing submission to authority. It is to hand over, to give up a fight, an act of declaring defeat at the hands of an opponent.

When we surrender to Christ we give up our rights. A surrender life, looks to the Lord to decide our future and to give us guidance for the presence! It is only when we are surrendered to the Lord that He can do with us what He wants to do. Surrender is serious commitment, it is unconditional commitment! It goes against the current of the world we live in! But how else can we pray "Your will be done." 

Total surrender is not a matter of making Jesus Lord of our life, it acknowledging that He already is Lord and I’m surrendering to His authority in my life! I am trusting Him with everything, “leaning not to my own understanding but acknowledging Him in all my ways” that is surrender! Commitment comes after surrender, not before, and really not until I raise that white flag! 

In the New Testament, the word ‘servant’ is used about 69 times. Out of those 69 times, 50 times the word ‘servant’ means “bond servant.” A bond servant is a servant who has been allowed to go free, but chooses to stay with his/her master as a servant. The slave surrenders his/her rights, never to be free from serving. Several apostles described themselves as bond servants of Jesus Christ, as they surrendered their freedom and gave their life to serving the Master.

In Luke 9:24, the Lord Jesus says, “If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it.” The Lord is saying to that surrender isn’t an option; it is the only option for a follower of Christ. Carefully read Luke 9:57-62 and 14:26-33. Are there areas in your life you’ve committed to follow God but haven’t yet surrendered? What deeper steps of surrender is He calling you to today?

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