Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Portraits of Christ in the Old Testament

Jesus is the second Adam because the first Adam prophesied Him. 

Jesus is a beloved, rejected, exalted son and world bread supplier like Joseph.

Jesus is that root out of dry ground, born of a virgin. (Is. 53:2)

Jesus is a priest like Aaron and Melchizedek because they prefigured Him. 

Jesus is the fulfillment of the offering of Isaac on Mount Moriah (the same
mount as Mt. Calvary, where Jesus literally died.)

Jesus is the Passover lamb. 

Jesus is a prophet like Moses because Moses typified Him. 

Jesus is the water that came from the rock in the wilderness. 

Jesus is the manna that fell from the sky. 

Jesus is the brazen serpent lifted up in the wilderness. 

Jesus is the scapegoat bearing away the sins of the people. 

Jesus is pictured in the Ark of the Covenant. 

Jesus is the mercy seat where the shekinah glory of God dwells. 

Jesus is the sacrifice upon the brazen altar in the tabernacle and the temple. 

Jesus is a champion like Joshua, whose name literally means “Jesus.” 

Jesus is a king like David. 

Jesus is a wise counselor like Solomon. 

Jesus is the lion of Judah. 

Jesus is the good shepherd, “The Lord is my shepherd.” 

Jesus is the fruitful branch. 

Jesus is that one without form or comeliness yet altogether lovely. (Is 53:2)

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