Monday, June 25, 2012

Paul Demonstrating God's Grace Galatians 1:11-24

    Looking at 1:11-12, where did Paul say he received his message from?

    Why was where is message came from so important?

    Where does the authority for our message come from today?

    What was Paul's life like before he met Jesus Christ (1:13-16, Acts 9:1-22)?

    What can we learn about Paul's call to service (1:15-16)? When did the call begin? What did God do? How was the call made? What was the purpose of the call?

    Why is it so important that Paul did not consult with men (1:16-17)?

    Read 1:18-24. How does Paul demonstrae that he was not influence by the apostles or others?

    Why was it so important for Paul to spend so much time (3 years), basically alone with God?

    Paul received direct revelation from God. How can you use the Scriptures, God's revelation to us, to exercise discernment and wisdom in whom you allow to influence you spiritually( Compare Acts 17:10-11)?

    Who did the Christians in Judea praise when they heard of Paul's conversion? Did they praise God or Paul? Why is this significant?

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