Sunday, June 24, 2012

Paul Declaring God's Grace Galatians 1:1-10

1. Read verses 1-5. How does Paul begin his letter to them? Why does he begin it this way?

2. Who was this letter address to (1:2)? Scan Acts 13-14, which cities where these churches in?

3. Look once again at the opening verse of chapter one (1:1-5). What are the essential elements of the   gospel? Create an outline of the gospel from these verses.

4. In every other epistle, after greeting his readers, Paul goes on to pray for them or to praise and thank God. What does he do here(1:6-10)?

5. The greek word for "turning away" or "deserting" means "to transfer one's allegiance." How were they deserting the gospel (1:6)?

6. Why would the Galatians believers, many of whom were Gentiles, be willing to live by the restrictions of the law when their salvation had come soley by grace?

7. Paul describes thes false teachers as those who were perverting or distorting the truth gospel of Christ.How were they doing this (1:7-10)?

8. In what ways do people add to the gospel of grace today?

9. Paul makes a clear distinction in verses 8-9 that we are to judge the teacher by the gospel and not judge the gospel by the teacher. Why is this an important distinction?

10. Today people tell us that times have change and so must the gospel and the Word of God. Some teach that some parts of the gospel and the Word of God no longer apply to us because we're living in "modern times." What would Paul say (1:8-9)?

11. What was paul's motive for serving the Lord (1:10, 6:12, 1 Thess. 2:4, 2 Cor. 5:9)?

12. What could Paul had done differently if his motive was to gain approval from people?

13. Why does pleasing people make it impossible to be a servant of Christ (1:10)?

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