Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hope for Today (Part 7)

Our Hope Rest on Trusting God
Salvation has nothing to do with obeying the right set of rules, doing the right type of good works or feeling a certain way. Salvation comes by simply saying, "Yes, Jesus, I'm a sinner and I trust you." When you accept Jesus' terms for  salvation, you can trust that God will honor His agreement forever. Your salvation is secure. the restoration process has begun and God will complete it.

God will Never Stop Loving Us
Our hope rest on God's promise rests on God's promise that even if we experience pain in the process of life, one day we will fully be restored in His presence. These experience will be gone. He will never change the terms of His agreement to finish the work He started in us. The end of the story is certain, and God will never stop loving us as it unfolds.

A Life Touched By Hope
There is no hope like the hope God offers through Jesus Christ. Whoever or whatever let you down in the past, Jesus is not like them. In Him, you will find your greatest dreams fulfilled. His love is like no other. His forgiveness free us to be all He created us to be. His power is without limit and your future with HIm is the best thing that could ever happen to you.

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