Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hope for Today (Part 6)

Salvation is God's Free Gift
The good news is that it's all about what God does in you. Salvation is God's free gift to anyone who wants to receive it. Regardless of how badly you're damaged, no matter how any awful choices you've made, even if you've totally rejected God and never believed before now, Jesus paid the price and can forgive you. The decision to accept or reject this gift is up to you.

Jesus paid the Price and can Forgive You
His free gift of salvation is available to everyone at anytime. In fact, you can take God up on His offer right now. Tell Him you want to be in a relationship with Him, that you're sorry for the sins you've committed, and that you accept His free gift of forgiveness and salvation through Jesus' death and resurrection. Invite Him to guide you as you seek to get to know Him and learn to love other people like Jesus does. There's no mystery to talking to God. It's simple: share what's on your mind and in your heart. He doesn't really care what words you use, as long as you're being real.

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