Monday, January 9, 2012

Hope for Today (Part 1)


We All Need Hope
Life can be hard. Sometimes, we have to endure a bad day. Other times, we face unrelenting heartaches. No amount of tears can bring it to an end. Most of us face difficult times more often than we would like. Yet as difficult as life can be, hope guides us and gets us through the storms of life. Take away hope, and even the small things crush us.

The Big Picture
As we look at the big picture in our world, we see hopeless situations. The news regularly bombards us with stories of harmful and even evil situations people endure. Abuse, divorce, murder, war famine, rape, and natural disasters torment our lives and shred our broken world. Beyond the unexpected disasters that make the news, we're wounded by the daily actions of others who never get headlines, but hurt us deeply. We begin to wonder how God can allow bad things to happen to good people.

Is this how God intended us to live? Is this the kind of life He created us for? Thankfully, the answer is, no. The Bible tells us the true story of how God created us and our world, how we fell away from His original design, and what He did to heal our brokenness. It offer hope because we discover that God is in the business of restoring us to His beautiful original intentions.

In future posts, we will look into God's plan to provide Hope for the hurting and Help for the helpless.

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