Monday, January 30, 2012

A Heart Full of Worship (Part 2)

Our Exaltation of Christ
We are told in Philippias 2:9-10 that "God has highly exalted Him and given Him a name above every other name. That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow.." We really can't exalt Him any higher than God has exalted Him. And yet there is a practical way you and I can exalt the Lord Jesus. Notice verse 2 "they made Him a supper" The supper was for Him. He was the center of attention. The focus was on Him, not on Lazarus who had been raised from the dead. The reason for the supper wasn't for Mary or even on the finecooking skills of Martha! It was on Christ! They made Him a supper! This word "made" suggest preparation, the use of time and resources. It wasn't a spur of the moment thing.

We have the privilege of making Him a supper every week. Some call it the remembrance meeting, the Lord's Supper and some give it other names. 1 Corinthians 11:23-34 explains for us what the Lord institued in Luke 22:14-23. We learn from Acts 2:42 that it was one of the main characteristics of the early church. In Acts 20:6-7 we learn that it was held regularly on the first day of the week. So in the gospels we have the supper instituted, in Acts have it celebrated and in 1 Corinthians we have it explained. The bread speaks of His body which was given for us. The wine speaks of His blood that was shed for us. As we celebrate this we remember Him! In a way we exalt Him each we, by given Him that special place, by in a way making Him a supper.

Our Appreciation of Christ
This is not the first time Mary came to the feet of the Lord Jesus. In Luke 10:34 she sits at His feet as a learner. She comes to Him as the One who instructs her. There He is seen as the Prophet. Then in John 11, when her brother died, she comes to His feet, pouring out her heart to Him. There we see Him as Priest. Then here we see her falling down with a heart full of worship. The account of Mary's anointing of he Lord is found in Matthew 26:6-13 and Mark 14:3-9. When you combine all three accounts, you learn she anointed both His head and His feet. It was an act of pure love on her part. Her anointing Him points to the fact that He is King. Here in John the emphasis is on the fact that this man who won Mary's heart is the Son of God! She is seen anointing His feet which speaks of His walk here as a man. We see three things here:

  1. Her submission to Christ. She wasn't concerned about herself or how it might look to others. She simply came to Him and pour out the costly spiknard. So there was not only preparation for the supper, but there was a cost here, and later we see that Judas did understand it at all. He thought it was a waste. But Mary pour it all out no matter how much cost was involved. For Mary it was all or nothing. Not just a few drops but she pour it out! When Mary undid her hair (something Jewish women did not do in public), she humbled herself and laid her glory at His feet (1 Cor. 11:15). According Ps. 16:9, 57:8, 108:1 we ought to be willing to use our glory to exalt Christ. Our glory should be hid and His ought to be seen. It is not about us but about Him!

  2. Her affections for Christ. She had enjoyed Him as her prophet and priest, now she is giving him his proper place in her heart! Think for a moment of the affect that this type of heart felt woship had on all around. Remember there was a meal that had been prepared. I'm sure the aroma of that meal filled the air. But when Mary poured out her spiknard and anointed the Lord's feet, the fragrance permeated the entire house! The aroma from the food that had been prepared fades in comparison to the aroma that filled the house from the precious oil. It wasn't about the food they would receive, it was about the worship He would receive from her heart! When they left the house the aroma stayed with them, the fragrance would eventually fade, but the aroma has lasted even up till now as we read about it!
  1. Her motivation was Christ! We see in verse 7 that she had spiritual insight. She had had kept the oil for His burial. Interesting that she did not use it for her brothers burial, but kept it for her Lord! Her heart was in tune with God's heart. God the Father wants each of us to appreciate the One He appreciates. Where did she learn this, at His feet as in Luke10. We too ought to spend time at His feet. Can others tell that we have been with Jesus (Acts 4:13). He invites us to come to Him and learn of Him (Matt. 11:29).

There will always be those who don't understand why we what to make Him a supper or why we desire to exalt Him as we see in verses 4-6. But what a privilege to enjoy our position and association with Christ and to seek to exalt and appreciation Him more and more.

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