Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year New Challenge (Part 3)

The mind of Micah is that if I pick out parts of the Law and do them I will win God’s favor, after all it is more than other people do. Micah doesn’t realize God is good in his nature and will be good no matter what you do. But pleasing God and God being good are two different things. The only thing truly pleasing to God is his Son Christ Jesus. His life in us is what pleases Him and that is total submission not picking and choosing to gain his favor.

Let us apply this to the church today. We can do all kinds of things the word says we should do. We can pick out and perform and point to them as reasons God should bless us, but one thing alone will please Him, His Son. We can build some great building, have a great program, but if the life of Jesus is not manifesting Himself in us we stand could very well be standing in Micah’s place
ncourage you to read chapter 18 - the tribe of Dan steals the idol and gives the priest a better job offer. He takes the position, onward and upward. Must have been pleasing to god because god is giving him a bigger church. With Moses own grandson the whole tribe of Dan takes this little 5 pound idol as their god. Now we have the denomination of the idol of Micah, verified by Moses own grandson, which all began with a man stealing from his own mother. The tribe of Dan is doing as they see fit.

We can grow in numbers but if we do not grow around the living Lord Jesus it is not just worthless but counterproductive to the Kingdom of God. I’m still looking forward to the day of worship when each of you come with something to share from your walk with God this week. Or something the Lord has spoken to you through His word. When we are walking with our Lord in a living personal relationship every day we will see his hand and marvel at what He is doing in and through and to us. How exciting when we become more aware of his hand in our lives each day! It will change our attitude as we see discern Him working in our situations.

It starts with a premise of faith that He is good and working for the good in your life on a daily basis. And so with eyes of faith we begin to see with Abraham – Him who is invisible – to discern his working. As we compare those workings with the characters in his word we see similarities and because the ways of God do not change. He is always holy, just, righteous, working constantly to change us to his image. He is always more concerned with our relationship with Him than our temporal comfort. The more we see Him at work the more peace we possess. I think Jesus must have been the most peaceful person to walk the planet because He fully discerned the work of God in Him, around Him, and knew things were in his Father’s capable hands. No running around in a panic, just a trust and calm assurance.

This year let us continue to drink deeply from the Word but can I add this challenge today, that we make 2012 a year in which we yield ourselves and our fellowship more fully to Jesus as Head of His church? Let us watch day by day to see his hand and learn from Him of his ways. Rejoice in what He is doing and share with each other what He is speaking to us even more than we have till now? That requires a personal commitment of time to contemplate and be still, knowing He is God. That time each day is needed to reflect on how He is working and maybe even to write down what You sense the Holy Spirit is speaking, so you can share it with us. James tells us to be quick to listen.

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