Friday, December 30, 2011

New Beginnings (Part 2)

God wants to restore that life and living relationship so that we walk in that newness of life. Hezekiah is about to restore the true worship of God to Judah through obedience to the Word. I truly believe the heart of God aches for this for our sake. His desire is to bless us and make us into that church that reveals His love to the world. But we must do in reality what was done in shadow by Hezekiah.

Let’s read on: verse 4-5, If you have flung the doors open and repaired them, then as priest of the Lord – and you are – consecrate yourselves and the Temple. Lay yourselves again on the altar and declare our lives are His and we desire to be His instruments out of loving adoration and obedience. There very well may be many Christians are fooling themselves when they say they are consecrated. Are we fooling ourselves as to our consecration? If someone watched our life secretly, would it be obvious you were consecrated? Why or why not? We have to be serious about facing these questions honestly.

Those things that would make them wonder or doubt you were consecrated are the defilement of the sanctuary in verse 6. Verses 15-16, They tossed all the unclean things they found in there into the Kidron Valley. They trashed it, whatever was not for the Lord’s service. Are there things in the Sanctuary of your soul that must go? According to the Word of the Lord: It is the Word that brings conviction and shows us what should be in the Sanctuary and what should not. But are we reading it and letting it speak to us. Take time this year to be in the Word every day. The gate can be open but we need to let the King of Glory in. Read the Word and let Him speak, yes Him, the Word made flesh – Christ Jesus is the Living Word.

It took 8 days to get the outer area cleaned up and another 8 the inner area. You have an outward life of actions and an inner life of thoughts, ideas and desires. It took as long to clean up one as the other. Both had to be taken care of. In verse 18 they tell the King the entire Temple has been purified. This is what restoration is needed today. Verse 11 We are not to be negligent for we are a chosen priesthood. He chose you to stand before Him, to minister before Him, to burn incense. Does this describe you?

Now look at the life in the worship after they are faithful to open the doors, consecrate themselves, remove the defilement. Verse 20 – Early – they can’t wait 25 every one is in their assigned ministry, 27 As the offerings begin the singing begins, 28-29, Kneeling in worship. Verse 30 Singing the Psalms, they praise the Lord with gladness, for they understand in the sacrifice that God himself will provide the sacrifice, and after praise for what He has done and will do they bow their and heads and worship. We have praise songs followed by worship songs because it is a natural order for our spirits. We praise Him for who He is and what He has done and then we worship Him for who He is.

Verse 31 – I didn’t read any dedication ceremony but as they entered the Presence of God in praise and worship they all must have had the sense that they were dedicating themselves to God. Don’t we experience that?

Look at verse 35 – reestablished, restored. Again God is after a restoring work for his bride. He wants her worshipping in Spirit and Truth, gates flung open to Him, consecrated to Him alone, all the garbage tossed out. In this restored state the incense is burning and the sacrifice is on the altar.

Let us dedicate ourselves this year to ‘conscientious consecration’ as mentioned in verse 34. Then God can bless us with LIFE, with overflowing Joy, with praise and worship that is sincere and in an undefiled Temple.

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