Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Will of God (Part Three)

What are three important presuppositions to knowing God’s will?
Presupposition One: There is a personal God who is interested in us and able to give us personal direction. This God, who revealed Himself in the person of Jesus Christ, is still with us through His Holy Spirit. If we reject this assumption, there’s no need to read the remainder of this article. Our time would be better spent probing the very epistemological presuppositions for the existence of a personal God who has the capacity to reveal Himself to us.
Presupposition Two: We are a person who regularly repent of sin and trust in Christ. We want God to guide us and are praying that He will reveal His will so that we can obey it. If we are not willing to accept this assumption then we need to specifically reflect on our own relationship with the Lord and about what it means to come to personal saving faith in Jesus Christ. We could better spend our time probing the implications of discipleship, whether or not we are prepared to be a follower of the Lord or whether we simply want cosmic goodies showered upon us from the sky or a genie to jump forth at our command.
Presupposition Three: The most important prerequisite to knowing God’s will is to be willing to do it. If we have no intention of obeying God and if we want to wait till we know His will before we decide to obey it, why should God bother to reveal it to us? Furthermore, if our conscience is not functioning properly, this can seriously inhibit our ability in being able to accurately discern God’s will. If we are not doing God’s will now, why would we expect God would give us additional knowledge of His will?
What are some of the common mental obstacles in seeking to discern God’s will?
We may ask some of the following questions:
• What if God’s will is too difficult for me to do?
• What if God’s will is something that I’m afraid to do?
• What if God’s will is something that I don’t want to do?
• Does surrendering to God’s will mean I can no longer decide for myself?
• Is God’s will so detailed that it applies to every decision I make?
• Is God’s will going to conflict with what I want most in life?
• How can I know God’s will and how will I know when I’ve found it?

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