Saturday, June 4, 2011

Worry Free Decisions

Luke 12:13-34

When this man came to the Lord Jesus upset about an inheritance, the Lord Jesus took the opportunity to talk with his disciples about making decisions that please God instead of worrying about self.

1. Describe the man in verse 13. What were his worries?

2. What do people worry about today? What do you worry about?

3. What impact do our worries have on our decisions?

4. Why wouldn’t the Lord Jesus help the man in this story (v14-15)?

5. To what extent has or should “abundance” have on your decision making process?

6. The rich man thought he had made a worry-free decision (v19). Why was he called a fool (v20)?

7. The rich man did have a problem that needed to be solved (v17). What decisions could he have made that the Lord would have found pleasing?

8. Why are the ravens and lilies so carefree (v22-28)?

9. What would be different about making a decision from a raven or lily’s point of view?

10. How does worry and independent action dishonor God (v28-30)?

11. What does it mean to seek the kingdom of God (v31) and a treasure in heaven (v33)?

12. How can you seek God’s kingdom as you make decisions?

13. Look at James 1:2-8. Doubt can often be the same as worry. According to these verses why are some people confused?

14. Why is a wave a good description of a doubter (v6)? How will that affect your decision making?

15. What advice does James gives us for dealing with doubt and worry (v5-6)?

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