Saturday, June 4, 2011

God’s Unique Plan for You

Romans 12

Because each of us is different, God’s plan for each of us is also different. If we are to know that plan, we must know ourselves-pour gift, talents, strengths and weaknesses. In the first eleven chapters of the book of Romans, Paul tells about the facts of the gospel. Beginning at chapter12, he speaks of the practical implications of the gospel for our behavior. His words have much to say about God’s plans and direction for our lives.

1. After reading this chapter, how would you define a “living sacrifice”?

2. Verse 2 says that being “transformed by the renewing of your mind” will allow us to test and approve what God’s will is.” What is a renewed mind?

3. How does is it different from a mind that has been conformed “conformed to the pattern of this world?

4. How do our minds become either conformed or renewed?

5. What are some ways you can train your mind to be renewed?

6. What responsibility do you have to test and to prove what God’s will is?

7. How will this renewing, test and proving help you make wise choices?

8. What do verses 3-8 teach us about God’s plan for the Christian community or local assembly?

9. What is meant by “thinking soberly” about yourself (v3)?

10. How will failure to do this lead you off tract in understanding God’s will and making wise choices?

11. As you look “soberly” at yourself what do you believe to be your function and gifts in the body?

12. How will understanding your gifts help you prove what God’s will is, so that you can make good decisions?

13. How do verses 9-21 tell us that we should be treating other people? What impact will this have on the choices that I make personally?

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