Monday, June 27, 2011

Fruit of the Spirit # 9 Biting into the Fruit of Self-Control

1 Samuel 26

Saul was anointed king over Israel. But because he was disobedient, God took the kingdom from him and gave it to David. As a result, Saul’s anger and jealously were kindled toward David and he tried to kill him several times. In 1 Samuel 26 David faces the powerful temptation of choosing between self gratification and self control.

1. What do you learn about the character of each person in this story?
David ____________________________________________________________
Saul _____________________________________________________________
Abishi ____________________________________________________________

2. If you were David how would you feel toward someone who had tried to kill you (v 1-4)?

3. Why does David resist the temptation to take matters into his own hands (v9-11)?

4. How does God help David in verse 12?

5. If we know God is present to help us in our struggle, how can it be easier to exercise self-control?

6. What was Saul’s response to David’s actions (v 17-25)?

7. What does this story teach about how God regards human life (v 21-24)?

8. What can we learn from the Lord Jesus in connection with self control (Luke 22:41-42, 1 Peter 2:23)?

9. How is a person who has no self control described in Proverbs 25:28?

10. How is a person who demonstrates self control described in Proverbs 29:11?

11. What can we learn from:
Titus 2:11-12 ______________________________________________________
1 Peter 4:7 ________________________________________________________

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