Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fruit of the Spirit #1 Love (1 John 4:7-16)

1. According to verse 7-8, where does love come from?

2. Verses 9-10 say that Christ’s incarnation and death show us God’s love. How do these two events help you to understand God’s love?

3. How does God’s love motivate you to love others (v11-12)?

4. What basis do we have for the assurance of love (v13-16)?

5. How would you define love according to what you have learned?

6. How have you seen God’s love demonstrated through other Christians?

7. Because God is love, what do we know about those whose lives are full of love (v16)?

8. No one has ever seen wind, energy or electrons. We see only the effects of what they do. Likewise, no one has ever seen the love of God. As you look again at this whole passage, in what ways can you see the effects of God’s love?

9. Think of someone you find it especially hard to feel close to. Why is it difficult for you to love that person?

10. Recognizing that love is not based on feeling, what are some ways you can show the fruit of love to that person?

11. Carefully read 1 Corinthians 13. What can you learn about love there and how does that speak to you?
a. Love ___________________________________________________________
b. Love ___________________________________________________________
c. Love ___________________________________________________________
d. Love ___________________________________________________________
e. Love ______________________________________________________¬_____
f. Love ___________________________________________________________
g. Love ___________________________________________________________
h. Love ___________________________________________________________
i. Love ___________________________________________________________
j. Love ______________________________________________________¬_____
k. Love ___________________________________________________________
l. Love ___________________________________________________________
m. Love ___________________________________________________________
n. Love ___________________________________________________________
o. Love ______________________________________________________¬_____

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