Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Joseph the Dreamer Genesis 37

1. According to verse 2, what was Joseph’s occupation? Compare this with what the Lord Jesus is called in:

John 10:11-18 ______________________________________________________
Hebrews 13:20 _____________________________________________________
1 Peter 5:4 ________________________________________________________

2. Joseph’s father loved him more than his brothers. How did this make his brothers feel (verses 3-4)?

3. What are your feelings toward your brother or sister? Have you ever felt the way Joseph’s brothers did?

4. Joseph did what was right in spite of his brother’s behavior (verse 2). Should you always follow your brother or sister’s example? Why or why not?

5. Joseph’s brothers hated him because they were jealous of him. Why did people hate the Lord Jesus (John 7:7)?

6. Did they have a reason to feel that way (see John 15:24-25)?

7. In verses 14-17, Joseph obeyed his father. According to the following passages whom does God ask us to obey?

Ephesians 6:1-2 ____________________________________________________ Romans 13:1 ______________________________________________________ 1 John 5:3 _________________________________________________________

8. Why did Joseph’s dreams cause his brother’s to hate him more?

9. What do you do that bothers your brother or sister?

10. What do you think you should do about it? How can you change?

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