Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Functions of the Priesthood

We have learned from 1 Peter 2 that every believer are both a holy and a royal priest, where and how do we function in this capacity? Lets look at the holy priesthood first. Where do we primarily function as holy priest? Certainly it would begin in the privacy of our own time alone with the Lord, worshipping Him and giving Him thanks and praise. But it shouldn’t stop there; it should overflow into our public worship as we gather with other like-minded Believers to remember Him in the breaking of bread and the drinking of the cup. As we present Christ to God, we bring worship, the fruit of the lips and sing His praises! What a privilege for us and what a joy to the heart of the Father!

As far as our functioning as royal priests, this would take place in other public meetings where Christians gather for the teaching of God’s Word. Such as a ministry meeting or even a Bible Study. Where we have been in the presence of the Lord and come out to His people with something He wants us to share, not simply something that we have put together as a sermon or a message. There might be a fine line between priesthood and service, but sharing of His word may very well be the exercise of the royal priesthood. So if only one person is sharing God’s word all time, others are limited in their functioning as a royal priest.
Priestly Service

We have looked a little at what a priest was in the Old Testament and what areas they functioned in, but what was some of the specific priestly service? I would like to at least mention them here.

First, lets look at the Holy Priesthood.

1. The priest had the privilege to approach to God.
2. They offered sacrifices to God.
3. They were to burned incenses unto the Lord.
4. The priests were held responsible to keep things in a God honoring way.
5. They were to light and trim the lamps on the golden lamp stand.
6. They sprinkled the blood in front of the arc of the covenant on the alter of burnt offers
7. They were to wash at the laver and perform their service clean before the Lord.
8. They supervise they putting up and taking down of the tabernacle.
9. The priest set the showbread on the table.
10. They ate of the sacrifices that were brought. In fellowship with God and with those who brought them.

The priestly service man-ward or as royal priest:

1. They were to address the people.
2. They blew the silver trumpets.
3. Communicated and interpreted the law of God to the people.
4. They were to judge the people.
5. The priests were to encourage the people of God in time of war.
6. They were God’s massagers to the people.

A Closer look at 1 Peter 2:1-9
It is very instructive to see that every area of the priest’s life was regulated by God’s word. There were instructions given that affected their clothing, their marriages, their children and even their food (Leviticus 21). The priest’s life was to be marked with distinction. He was to be set apart and holy unto the Lord. We may not have the same physical regulations put on us in this day of grace, but there are things that ought to mark every Believer spiritually.

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